How it works

How to exchange coins on CoinMonkey?

  1. Go to
  2. Select the currency you wish to sell (“You give”) and the currency you wish to buy (“You get”);
  3. Select the amount of currency you want to sell or the amount of currency you want to buy;
  4. Next, click on “Get all rates!”;
  5. Choose the platform with which you’d like to continue with your exchange;
  6. Enter your wallet address of the currency you wish to get. Please be sure to enter the correct address as cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible. For this purpose we highly recommend you do not manually type wallet address, but instead use the copy/paste function of your PC/tablet/phone. Doublecheck your address after pasting it;
  7. Tick “I agree on terms of use” and then click “Next”;
  8. Transfer the shown amount of coins you wish to sell to the assigned address and click “Next”. PS: Again, do not manually type this address in your wallet as this may result in a mistake and your money being lost. Ether use copy/paste function or scan the QR-code in case of mobile phone or tablet. Doublecheck that the pasted address is correct;
  9. Once your deposit has the necessary amount of confirmations, the exchange will occur and the new coins will be sent to your address.