New Era of services for cryptocurrency traders

Hi everyone!

It’s CoinMonkey online, new era of comfortable services for cryptocurrency users and traders.

All cryptocurrency enthusiasts (especially newbies) face the same challenge: how to reduce costs while trading crypto assets and what exchange to use as there are so many of them existing. What if I tell you that you can use only one website which fulfills your needs of crypto assets exchanging without months of waiting for verification? Would you ever believe me?

We are incredibly glad to introduce our web-platform created by a team of crypto-enthusiasts to allow an easy exchange of one cryptocurrency for another at the best rate always. We do so by aggregating and comparing exchange rates from the leading exchanges.

No registration, email-address or disclosure of personal information is needed to use our service and complete an exchange. The whole process of exchange is easy to follow and takes just a few simple steps.

How do we work

By aggregating in real-time the exchange rate information from the leading exchanges, we provide you with information on how to complete with your exchange at the best rate possible. You can complete your exchange using our platform, with no registration required.

We provide you with information on the best possible rate for your exchange. The process of exchange through our platform is easy to follow, takes just a few simple steps and no registration is required. In case of any issues, you can always get in touch with our support team.

There are two types of cryptocurrency exchanges platforms: traditional exchanges and instant exchanges. Traditional exchanges require user registration and one needs to know how to work with the order book. Instant exchangers, on the other hand, typically do not require user registration or knowing how to work with the order book, however they often have a smaller choice of currencies and charge higher fees. CoinMonkey is integrated with both types of exchanges and in either case the exchange process is user-friendly and no registration is needed.


Our fees vary from 0% to 0,25% depending on which exchange-platform is used for your exchange:

  • ShapeShift 0%
  • Changelly 0%
  • BitFinex 0,25%
  • Bittrex 0,25%
  • Poloniex 0,25%

So, you are welcome to try us out and experience a great comfort of fast and secure exchange!

Cardano is ready for trade

Hello Crypto Enthusiasts!

And again we have a great news for our users!

Cardano (ADA) coins are ready for exchange at our platform!

Try it here:

Now you can exchange ADA without registering and wasting an awful lot of time for authorization.

Exchange Cardano ADA to BTC, ETH, Doge, Dash, and other altcoins fast and safe with us.

We are always glad to provide you with best services and best rates for your cryptocurrency exchanges.

Stay tuned for the further updates as more of them coming!